Blogger Ilya Varlamov called Yakutia “magic edge” and scolded the animal


Ilya Varlamovo: Alexander Natruskin / RIA Novosti

A well-known blogger and entrepreneur Ilya Varlamov responded to animal rights activists, who criticized traditional Yakut clothes in my LJ.

“How I fell in love with a wonderful dinner! The magic land! Each time more and more in love with the people, the land, their traditions, food, culture. (…) Went to watch the local on the husky ride, the owner gave the fur of the wolf, trendy boots, gloves — or you will die. It would seem that all was well, but in the comments to the photo got out (…) vegans! They got so hot so that I began to worry for the safety of the Yakutian permafrost!”—told traveler and have attached a screenshot of the comment, which referred to the unacceptability of wearing fur.

Varlamov wrote that this opinion caused a “hysterical laughter” of the local herders, “even the huskies did.” He explained that “50 degrees below zero for Yakutia — is commonplace”, as the region is the cold pole of the Northern hemisphere, “polar jackets 200 thousand rubles for all that they did not deliver”.

“We Vernik don’t go in fur on the runway in Paris, advertising the killing of animals. We carry the Yakut in Yakutia fur to stay warm,” — said the blogger.

He also told that in Yakutia before the onset of heavy frost, harvest the meat, “not that knackers, and just them [the colts] are born than can feed in the winter.”

Varlamov made a survey of readers to find out how they feel about wearing fur in Yakutia and ride on a dog sled. Most of the subscribers said they believe these traditional activities is acceptable.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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