British Golf club shocked guests brutalization geese


Photo: @westessexgc

Guide popular London Golf club West Essex is planning to massively shoot the geese who literally attacked the field and interfere with play guests, but guests resented the cruelty to the birds. It is reported by The Sun.

The club members did not support the policy of the owners of West Essex and expressed a suspicion that the birds will not be killed humanely. “I love sports, but I don’t want for the sake of killing birds,” said one of the regular customers.

The club representative Alan Kirby responded that the canadian geese and had arrived on the field, but this year their number is “appalling”. The owners of West Essex Golf Club intend to carry out “an aggressive campaign to eliminate geese,” as they say in an official address to the members of the club. Hired hands will destroy a few individuals per day.

According to the law, the destruction of Canada geese is permitted in cases where they cause damage to property, but it can be done only by humane methods.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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