Drunk Muscovite came to the hospital with a bullet in the head


Photo: Oleg Karsaev / “Kommersant»

Metropolitan hospital asked the girl stuck in the forehead by a bullet. The victim told police that was the victim of assault. On Monday, February 5, said the Agency urban news “Moscow,” a source in law enforcement bodies.

On the night of 3 February, police received information that one of the houses on the street in Novosibirsk on 21-year-old girl was attacked by the unknown in the mask. “Threatening the victim with a pistol, the man demanded to give him money, but she refused. Then the criminal shot her in the head and fled without taking anything. The victim was strong enough alone to get to the hospital. There, the doctors gave her the diagnosis: “a foreign object in the frontal region”,” — said the source.

He noted that doctors removed the bullet, then the girl in a state of mild intoxication came to the police. After writing the statement, she left the police Department, explaining that her home is waiting for a small child. Criminal case about the robbery under investigation.

1 December 2017 it became known that the inhabitant of St. Petersburg was stabbed in the chest by a drunken neighbor, but were able to get to the clinic.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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