Glossy magazine put on the cover of tattooed amputee


Image: the cover of CR magazine Men’s Book

Glossy magazine CR Men’s Book made the cover photographs of Paralympic athletes with amputation, reports WWD.

“We decided to make a sports magazine, and I wanted to see the world with a few athletes from a different angle, from the point of view of people with special abilities,” — said the chief editor Carine roitfeld, renowned stylist and fashion expert, former chief editor of the French version of Vogue magazine.

The magazine was invited to shoot for the March issue of athletes reed McCracken (McCracken Rheed) and Liam Malone (Michelle Malone). One of them posed for the photographer Steven Klein, sitting in a wheelchair, the other — on sports innovative prostheses. Torsos Paralympians were naked, they could consider tattoos.

Liam Malone — Sprinter from New Zealand, two-time champion of the Paralympic games in Rio de Janeiro (2016) at distances of 200 and 400 meters. Reed McCracken — Australian Sprinter, bronze medalist of the Paralympic games in London (2012).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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