Most expensive in the world is gathered in one place


Frame: E*TRADE / YouTube

YouTube administration has created a special playlist of the 52 commercials that are shown during the finals of the National football League (super bowl). Advertising integration collected on the website in the section Adblitz Ad Gallery.

Users of the service are available as separate clips, and the promotion of a particular brand. In addition, the playlist got the main fragments of the final games and creative football fans.

The 52nd super bowl took place in the night of 5 February. The match between “the Philadelphia eagles and new England Patriots” ended with the score 41:33 in favor of “eagles.”

In the United States the final game for the championship of the National football League is one of the main events of the year. Every year millions of Americans gather in front of the TV to find out the outcome of the match.

Due to the popularity of cost of minute of advertising in the breaks between the games is approximately $ 10 million. So bought airtime brands try every year to show the most spectacular videos.

This year, many brands focused on the social component. For example, the management of Stella Artois invited the actor Matt Damon, so he sipped water from a glass of beer. The intent of advertisers, it ought to make people in developed countries to think about the fact that they use a lot of water wasted.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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