Not wanting to become a father-a man shot his family


Photo: Rana Sajid Hussain / Zumapress /

In Pakistan a man murdered his family after he learned that relatives approved of the marriage of his daughter. She was supposed to marry a young man who he did not like. About it reports The Hindustan Times.

Asif Shah (Asif Shah) first shot his wife, then two daughters Komal and Reid, and after that seriously wounded a 15-year-old son.

The conflict occurred in the town of Attock in Punjab province. According to police, 26-year-old Komal came a-Courtin ‘ young man. The bride’s father’s choice was not to taste.

When the future father-in-law found out that all the other family members, in contrast, happy upcoming wedding, he took up arms. After the assassination, the Shah fled the scene of the crime. A man wanted by the police.

In August 2016, the Pakistani in Karachi slit the throat of his second wife after 15 years after killing first wife. In both cases, there were honour killings. According to Pakistani, the second wife, who was his Junior by 20 years, was cheating on him. According to the detention order, for the same reason the man killed his first wife who bore him three children.

An honor killing is a crime, committed by relatives of the girls who disgrace their families. Cases are still often recorded in Pakistan: there at the hands of relatives, dissatisfied with the violation of traditional values, die each year hundreds of women.

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