State-owned companies seized the Russian economy


Center for strategic research (CSR), headed by former Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, proposed a ban on the purchase of state-owned corporations private companies. This is stated in the CSR report on the efficient management of state property in 2018-2024 years until 2035.

The state’s share in the economy reached a half of GDP in particular due to the informal socialization of private companies, the authors of the report. They propose to privatize and complicate preservation companies in the state.

In 2016, the Russian state sector included about 65.2 thousands of organizations, although two years earlier, was 1.6 thousand less. “In fact, in four sectors (energy, transport, mining, Finance) revenue state-owned companies in the total revenue of top 100 companies is close to or exceeds 50 percent”, — the experts of the organization.

As the main strategy 2018-2024 years and by 2035, is proposed to increase the overall efficiency of management of state property. It is necessary to reduce surplus of the public sector in the economy and optimize the management of facilities (property), necessary to implement the functions of the state and the strategic objectives of economic development.

On 25 January, the Deputy head of the Federal Antimonopoly service Andrey Kashevarov has declared that categorically against the purchase of large state-owned banks, particularly Sberbank and VTB, and other banks.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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