The British rescued bald hedgehogs


Picture: Ceri Oakes

In the English town of Bridlington, in the County of East Yorkshire, rescued two ezhat who were born without needles. This publication reports the Metro.

Bald hedgehogs noticed when they wandered into the city street. Because without needles they could become easy prey for predators, they were sent to the Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary — a shelter for sick and injured animals in a neighbouring village.

According to the employee of the shelter Alexandra Farmer (Alexandra Farmer), the lack of needles is due to the lack of zinc. Ezhat will be fed cat food with iron supplements in the hope that it will help them to grow spines.

If other hoglets from their litter suffer from the same disease, they most likely died. “They just left the nest, so we began to look for the rest of the litter, but was unable to find them,” says Farmer.

Bald young hedgehogs will spend the winter indoors and go outside only in the spring, but they will not go far. They will be able to leave the shelter only if they grow needles.

Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Whitby, 40 miles from Bridlington. Each year it receives 2100 animals and birds. In 2017, the Farmer told the newspaper GazetteLive that the shelter live 25 hedgehogs, some wounded wild ducks, about a hundred pigeons, and three-legged Fox named Arya.

In 2017, it was reported that British veterinarians have released gas from the hedgehog, which was inflated two times because of the so-called syndrome of the balloon.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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