The Chinese stole and resold the length of the road 800 meters


Photo: Ng Han Guan / AP

A resident of the Chinese village Suqian, stole 800 meters concreted road and resold it. This publication reports the South China Morning Post.

Police in Jiangsu province have found that disappeared near the road saw a truck with the debris, behind the wheel sat one of the locals — an unemployed man named Zhu. During the interrogation he confessed to the organization of theft.

“The last time this road was not particularly enjoyed, so I thought, why not raze it and sell,” he said. To realize his plan, the attacker hired an excavator and a few trucks. In one night they removed the roadbed width of 3.5 meters.

Zhu sold 500 tons of concrete rubble 10 yuan (90 rubles) per ton and earned five thousand yuan (45 thousand rubles). He was charged with theft.

In January it was reported that in Lugansk region of Ukraine abducted 50 meters of the railway. The attackers had intended to take the rails at the point of reception of scrap metal.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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