The lawyer of Misurina was the grandson of the first arrested in the “case of doctors»


Anatoly Kleymenova:

The lawyer, doctor-hematologist Elena Mishurina Anatoly Kleymenov has declared personal reasons to ask the court to release his client from custody. On Monday, February 5, said “the” the party of the hearing, which condemned for the death of a patient of the doctor was released on his own recognizance.

“More than half a century ago in the “case of doctors-saboteurs” first to be arrested was my grandfather Yakov Etinger. The right physicians in this case to use the formula “the doctors” (although I’m not a fan of this) — today, due to the fact how they put the legislator. The doctor is at serious risk of suffering undeserved punishment,” said the defender.

Earlier the Prosecutor’s office of the South-Western district of Moscow has demanded to cancel the verdict to the doctor and send the case for reconsideration. The Department explained that the forensic medical examinations contradicted each other, and the evidence collected did not allow to make an unambiguous conclusion about the guilt Misurina.

22 Jan Cheremushkinsky district court of Moscow has sentenced 42-year-old head of the Hematology service of the hospital №52, Moscow Elena Mishurina to two years in prison under article 238 of the criminal code (“the services that do not meet the requirements of safety, entailed on imprudence death”).

She was found guilty of committing medical errors in July 2013. According to investigators, during bone marrow biopsy Misurina man has damaged blood vessels, which a few days later, he died in another clinic. The relatives of the deceased demanded 15 million rubles compensation for moral damage.

The doctor, in turn, assured that this could not happen. According to the defense, the cause of death was not carried out the procedure, and complications from diseases: cancer, myelofibrosis (pathology in the peripheral blood) and diabetes insipidus. After the verdict in social networks launched a campaign in her defense.

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