The richest Chinese have recognized the futility of money


Jack Maphoto: TPG /

The richest Chinese have admitted that he was happier when he had no money. This publication reports the LADBible.

Jack MA (Jack Ma) is the CEO and founder of Alibaba Group, which is an online store AliExpress — said they felt most satisfied with life, when just graduated from University and earned his first money. Then MA worked as an English teacher at a local University and now considers it “the best moments in life.” According to the documentary film “Crocodile in the Yangtze” at the time he was paid only 75 yuan a month (675 rubles).

MA said that wealth does not make him happy before. In 2015, in a speech at the Economic Club of new York, he noted that the money can only spend those who have less than one million dollars. “But billions are already and does not belong to you. My current state is responsibility. This trust of the people,” he said.

Jack MA is around 47.2 billion dollars. He is the richest resident of China.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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