To dispel the myth about the danger of phones


Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

The results of large-scale research of the National institutes of health, the United States showed that mobile phones can harm human health. Although in rats when exposed to radio frequency radiation increased the risk of DNA damage and development of tumors, experts point to the inadmissibility of extrapolation on humans of data obtained in experiments on rodents. This writes the online edition of Science Alert.

The experience has been used about three thousand of the rats were placed in a special chamber near a source of radiation imitating mobile phones 2G and 3G. Animals were exposed for nine hours daily. However, even the lowest radiation levels higher than allowed dose typically received by people in the use of gadgets. It is shown that in rodents increased the risk of developing cancer, but researchers say it is unclear whether it is caused by radiation.

As scholars have noted, although the percentage of animals who developed schwannoma (tumor in the nerve fibers), increased in comparison with rats in the control group, the difference may be due to statistical error. Pathology was detected not only in brain but also in several other organs, but in this case, experts doubt that it was the fault of radiation. Even high doses of RF radiation, according to the findings of researchers who had a major impact on the health of laboratory rodents.

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