Ukraine in the rating of the standard of living was between Bangladesh and Burkina Faso


Photo: RIA Novosti

British analytical center The Legatum Institute on Monday, February 5, published an annual ranking of The Legatum Prosperity Index (prosperity index). Russia and Ukraine in the second half of the list.

The state is in the ranking based on the results of the poll their citizens about the state of the nine criteria: quality of the economy, business environment, management, education, health, security, personal freedom, social capital and the environment.

Russia has received a rating of 101-th place, ahead of Tajikistan, but losing to India. Ukraine occupies 112th place, ahead of Burkina Faso and behind Bangladesh. Between Russia and the Ukraine settled in Zambia, Tanzania, Senegal and Malawi.

Just a list of 149 countries. The top ten ranking are Norway, New Zealand, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Australia and the UK. Completing the list of Burundi, Angola, Iraq, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mauritania, Chad, Afghanistan, Sudan, the Central African Republic and Yemen.

In January, the food and agriculture organization of the UN (FAO) and the world food programme (WFP) issued a report to the Security Council of the UN, in which Ukraine was among the countries where there is a shortage of food. The report refers to 16 States in which the experts found the shortage of food. In addition to Ukraine, this list includes Afghanistan, Burundi, Haiti, Guinea-Bissau, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Yemen, Liberia, Lebanon, Mali, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Central African Republic and South Sudan. Problematic situation is also observed on the cross-border area of lake Chad.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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