X iPhone stopped taking calls


Photo: Lucas Jackson / Reuters

IPhone owners complain about the X hanging mobile of an incoming call. Users cannot accept or decline the call, writes The Financial Times.

On the support forum of Apple users say that the smartphone becomes unhealthy when there is an incoming call. X iPhone plays the ringtone, and then ceases to respond to pressing and hangs for 10 seconds. Apple is aware of the problem and are working on a solution. One of the users said that the service center he just replaced the smartphone to a new one.

“I thought that the problem is in the device, so I went to the service center where I was given a brand new smartphone with the same problem. So this is definitely a problem. Apple has something to do with it, because it’s very annoying,” wrote one of the owners of iPhone X and that is a problem.

In January, X iPhone users reported that their hair and beards and mustaches stuck between the display and the housing of the smartphone. It is noted that the only decision that found the owners of the gadget is to buy a case.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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