American student called the stripper a lesson by parents and paid


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A teenager from the US has caused the stripper to school and was punished. This was on February 5 according to the portal UPI.

The incident occurred in one of the educational institutions of the state of Texas on Thursday, February 1. One of the students called the stripper by 11:30, but did not tell where exactly it will arrive. When she found that he came to school, she rang the doorbell, told the guide and, without crossing the threshold of the building, left.

As it turned out, one of the students called her mobile phone and paid for her services by credit card parents. He is now serving his punishment. What, the school said.

“Staff approached the situation in a very tactful and professional. Despite the egregious nature of the misconduct, it had no impact on students except the immediate cause of the incident,” wrote parents in an email to the Director of the school Hadziselimovic Paige (Paige Hadziselimovic).

The owner of the company providing the strippers, Sean Michaels (Sean Michaels) said that he expects from parents compensation for the incident. “Children must realize that the time spent girls and my money. If they think this is fun, let’s say your home address, we will send the lad, who will be banging on the door at two in the morning, and also laugh,” said he.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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