Confrontation sober Scot and tiger ended in disgrace


Photo: Police Scotland

The Scottish farmer took Teddy tiger for the living and called the police. Police arrived on call, took plush tiger with him and told the farmer that will make him their mascot. About it reports The Telegraph.

The incident occurred late on Saturday evening, February 3, when 24-year-old Bruce Grubb (Bruce Grubb) went to the barn to check on pregnant cows. “I shined a flashlight and saw that there sits a tiger, he said. I was sober, the booze is irrelevant to the fact that I took him for the present.”

Grubb called the police and told about the predator. The farm sent several cars with armed policemen. In addition, law enforcement authorities contacted the local Park, which contains wild animals, to see whether there escaped tiger.

Waiting for help, Grubb continued to follow the tiger. “I was afraid he will eat all my cows before he shot the police,” he explains. 45 minutes later the farmer noticed that the creature never moved. He drove the car closer and realized that it wasn’t a real animal, a big stuffed toy.

“I feel a little silly for calling the police, but I was really sure that this is an emergency, says Grubb. Now funny, but at the time it was very scary.” He says that he does not know, where did the toy.

In 2012, it was reported that the Germans took the vibrating sex toy for a burglar with a drill and called the police.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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