Discovered a new threat to Android


Photo: Lehtikuva / Reuters

Researchers have uncovered a new botnet, attacking the owners of devices based on the Android operating system. It is reported by Bleeping Computer.

A botnet is aimed at finding the open ports debugging, including on the port 5555, which is an important component of the Android system and provides access to key functions. Penetrating the device, the malware causes it to produce cryptocurrency Monero.

According to researchers from the organization QiHo 360, who discovered the botnet, the danger threatens all Android devices from smartphones to smart technology.

According to experts, infected for about 7.4 thousand devices, and the botnet is growing at an impressive pace. Most of the victims are still in China (about 40 percent) and South Korea (about 30 percent).

Dangerous program called ADB.miner uses code components from Mirai botnet introduced in 2016 and is considered the biggest in the world. Then Mirai has infected thousands of devices around the world and became the reason of a stop of work of many large sites.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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