Europe is targeting the money of the Russians


Photo: Anatoly Zhdanov / “Kommersant»

European banks have tightened supervision of the accounts of Russian clients. This is due to the preparation for the transition to new standards financial information exchange in the framework of joint activities of the Organisation for economic cooperation and development (OECD). It is reported by RBC with reference to the bankers and lawyers who are faced with innovations.

The transition to the new standard financial information exchange in the framework of the OECD takes place in two stages. The first is already completed, and it was attended by around 100 countries, stojacic at the origins of such a system. In the second stage to the system joining other countries, including Russia.

The second phase should be completed before 30 September 2018. Connection to the system requires financial institutions to exchange financial information: taxes, accounts of non-residents and so on.

The system is aimed at combating tax evasion. The main risk for many Russian customers of European banks is the requirement to substantiate the source of income, in which banks began to request information on the income of its customers. Also, now the tax authorities of different countries may require additional documents about the account holder.

If the client will not be able to prove the origin of money, the Bank is entitled to restrict operations on its accounts or to raise a fee for account maintenance. Special attention will be paid to the tax status of the client — come to the Bank with a new passport and expect to have a long-standing friendship with the banker will not happen, the newspaper notes.

In early January it became known that about 700 Russians bought Maltese citizenship. The decision of the Russian businessmen associated with the intention to optimize their tax costs due to the favourable tax regime in Malta.

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