Extradited to the USA the Russian programmer was forbidden to bathe and read


Photo: Steve Marcus / Reuters

Russian programmer Peter Levashov, accused the US of cybercrime, is under pressure in jail. About it the newspaper “Izvestia” said his attorney Igor Litvak.

According to him, he is in a U.S. prison on Friday evening, February 2. The lawyer noted that in Russian there is only a bed and a mattress, a pillow and a towel missing. The detainee, said Litvak, was not allowed to go to the store, do not let him out on walks, not allowed to read Newspapers and communicate with other prisoners.

“He is still not allowed even to take a shower. He could barely beg for toothpaste and brush. Peter is forced to sit 24 hours a day in a cell without giving any reasons. This is illegal and I would call it torture,” said the lawyer.

Spouse Maria Levashova has confirmed that it is unable to communicate with her husband since last week.

The programmer is now in jail in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Spain extradited him to the United States on 2 February. He was detained in April 2017 on vacation in Barcelona.

Americans believe that Levashov has created a computer network such as a botnet Kelihos, through which “controlled hundreds of thousands of computers.” The investigators believe that the Russians were spreading a virus, engaging in extortion, sending phishing emails and doing other spam-attack.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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