Father called Beyonce not black enough


Mathew Knowles and Bayonetta: Globallookpress.com

The father and former Manager of singer Beyonce Knowles Mathew Knowles said that with darker skin it daughter would have been less successful. On Tuesday, February 6, reports NME.

Knowles wrote a book about racism in the music industry under the title “Racism: through the eyes of a child.” He suggested that with a lighter skin tone is also linked to the success of Rihanna.

“When it comes to black women, one of them gets on pop radio? Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Grammy-nominated rapper Nicki Minaj, my children — Beyonce and Solange — and what they all have in common? They have lighter skin. I think it’s a coincidence?”Knowles said.

At the ceremony of awarding the prize “Grammy” in 2017 there was a scandal because of the fact that the award for best album went to British singer Adele. Many viewers felt that the statue had to go Beyonce. The former leader of the group Village People Victor Willis accused the organizers that they allegedly created the special Committee, preventing awards to black performers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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