Fisherman’s overriding the shark after the theft of its production


Photo: Tamaki marine park

A fisherman from New Zealand was able to defeat the shark after she stole his prey. It is reported by news portal Stuff.

Joe Movevalue (Joe Momoivalu) from Oakland fished the Islands of tiritiri Matangi island in a boat with his colleagues when he discovered that almost all caught their fish someone took a bite. The fishermen looked out of the boat and saw that pieces from the prey tore a small Mako shark.

When the predator once again tried to steal the fish, the man grabbed her tail and pulled out of the water. “I told her, “We’re actually going to keep the fish, not throw it away, so could you leave, please?””. The shark tried to bite him, but the new Zealander held her at arm’s length.

As soon as he released it, the shark swam away from them “at the speed of a few knots.” In the end, the team remained and production, and photographs of the confrontation. The incident occurred about a week ago and rumor about him spread throughout the city.

Movevalue, a fisherman with a decade of experience, advises not to repeat his act, because Mako shark is quite aggressive and dangerous. He admitted that he decided to do so only out of a desire to show to the son, the former with him on the same boat, how to deal with such predators.

Mako is considered the fastest of the existing sharks. They are dangerous to humans, and although not consider it as food, often attack fishing boats in search of easy prey.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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