German police found favor in marijuana


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The head of the Association of the criminal police of Germany’s Andre Schultz (Andre Schulz) stated that German law enforcement agencies to support full legalization of marijuana in the country. His words, reports The Independent.

“The prohibition of cannabis, from a historical point of view — arbitrary, Schulz said, — it is neither reasonable nor appropriate”. According to him, in the history of mankind there was not a single society in which it had not used marijuana, and prohibition leads to increased crime rates. “It should be acceptable. I don’t think the ban on marijuana still will last a long time in Germany,” he added.

At the same time, police said that the drug should be prohibited for drivers.

This initiative was supported in the UK. There, police also advocate the legalization of light drugs. On this edition of told Steve Rolls (Steve Rolles), policy analyst for the drugs. “What happens in Germany, happens in the United Kingdom. We see that more police are questioning the existing situation and demand reforms,” commented Rolls.

The initiative was launched after research conducted in the bordering Mexican States, showed that legalizing marijuana reduces crime.

In January 2017 the Bundestag passed a law allowing medical use of marijuana. Drug prescription will be able to get a person suffering from severe chronic diseases, in case other treatments have been ineffective.

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