German witches boiled the girl’s feet in the pot


Photo: Stephen Wolf / AP

In Germany after the carnival was hospitalized 18-year-old girl with burns of feet. As the portal SkyNews, she jokingly tried to cook in the pot.

The incident occurred on Saturday, February 3, in the German town of Eppingen. Two witches dressed man was carrying a pot of boiling water. He was brought a girl, maybe as a joke. Then one of the “witches” lifted the girl over the cauldron and dipped her feet in boiling water, obariv her feet and calves.

German police are searching for two men dressed as witches. They are going to attract for causing harm to health on imprudence. The victim is in the hospital. According to the doctors, she’ll be there for at least another week.

The Fastnacht festival — carnival, which takes place in Germany and other German-speaking countries on the eve of lent. The participants dress up in costumes of devils, clowns, witches and other characters of fairy tales and legends. During the procession costumed welcome shouts of friends, dressed in the same characters, and they sing humorous songs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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