Grudinin revealed the origin story of a house in Spain


Paul Gradimento: Gennady Gulyaev / “Kommersant»

The presidential candidate from the Communist party Nikolai Grudinin admitted that the property in Spain belongs to his children. His words on Tuesday, February 6, leads the TV channel REN TV.

“Each presidential candidate has children, everyone has some property. Do you think I will command my children what to do, who to marry? They are adults, they do business, they have a good income, but I have nothing to do,” said Grudinin.

Earlier, the Communists denied any connection Grudinina and his family to a house abroad. The head of the press service of the Communist party, state Duma Deputy Alexander Yushchenko admitted that expensive real estate can be owned by distant relatives. “Pavel has completely given a Declaration of their income, their property. He doesn’t own a house… What about distant relatives, second cousins as for brothers, sisters, it has nothing to do” — quoted Yushchenko media.

We are talking about the house with a total area of over 200 square metres in Salou. The cost of real estate is estimated at almost a million dollars — 781 614 euros, says REN TV.

On 2 February the Deputy Chairman of the Central election Commission Nikolai Bulaev said that Pavel Grudinin has some not until the end of closed accounts in foreign banks. On Tuesday, February 6, he said that the situation is still not resolved. “As you know, this violates the law on presidential elections of the Russian Federation and the law on currency regulation”, — he stressed.

As reported on January 12, Grudinin within one day submitted to the CEC documents, which announced the presence and absence of his accounts in foreign banks. From the information available on the website of the CEC should be that the candidate didn’t use any foreign financial instruments and had accounts at the national Bank of Liechtenstein securities.

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