In the tropics found an ancient spider-like Chimera


Photo: Huang Diying

Scientists of the University of Kansas have discovered a new species of ancient spiders that had tails. Arthropods called Chimerarachne yingi in honor of the monster Chimera from Greek mythology, may still dwell in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. This publication reports the BBC News.

Spider found in a piece of amber in Myanmar, which reaches the age of 100 million years. Arthropod was a contemporary of the dinosaurs the Cretaceous period. Its characteristic feature is a long flagellum, located on the rear part of the abdomen. According to experts, the spider used the appendage as a tactile organ, feeling them surrounding objects. Chimerarachne yingi reaches 2.5 mm in length, not counting the three-millimeter tail.

Although modern spiders no “tail”, it has some members of the class Arachnida. Paleontologists also known in more ancient species of arthropods (380-200 lived millions of years ago), which had flagella but had spider wart — bodies responsible for the production of the web. Thus, Chimerarachne yingi is an intermediate between spiders and their ancestors that lived in the Paleozoic.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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