In Turkey, Muslims will limit the left hand


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Turkish Muslims are not recommended to use your left hand for eating and drinking. This is stated in the fatwa published by the office of religious Affairs (Diyanet) Turkey, reports Söscü.

It States that the prophet Muhammad, establishing the General principles in relation to eating, “does not consider the use of the left hand nice.” “Left hand to eat and drink the devils, so he was taught to eat and drink with the right hand,” reads the fatwa.

Parents advised Muslims to teach the children from an early age. It is noted that use left hand for eating and drinking is permitted only in the case if a person has physical disabilities.

At the end of December last year Diyanet issued a religious decree of divorce. According to the document the husband who called his wife a sister or mother, is considered to be divorced from her.

Earlier, the office for religious Affairs issued a fatwa on divorce, under which spouses can divorce by phone, Fax or e-mail. To do this, the husband needs three times to say or write the word divorce (talak — divorce (according to Sharia) — primas’. «»). However, the wife should make sure that this message was sent by her husband.

In Islam, special attention is given to the right and left side of the human body. When making so-called “clean” things (eating, drinking, dressing) a preference for the right hand, while making “dirty deeds” (undressing, washing away) you must use the left hand. In particular, the tradition says that the prophet Mohammed used his left hand for “inconvenient cases”. Thus, Muslims are encouraged to enter the toilet, to leave the mosque, to vysmarkivatsya, remove clothes and shoes from the left side. In addition, the left foot should go to those places where are interest transaction and there are alcoholic drinks, and leave them, preferably with the right leg.

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