Naked Aussie threatened to beat up police officers penis


Photo: David Gray / Reuters

The drunk inhabitant of the Australian city of Mandurah (Western Australia) threatened to beat up police penis. This publication reports the Mandurah Coastal Times.

Neighbors, 54-year-old employee of a mining company, Kevin Ronald Turner complained to the police shouting and crashing of falling objects, which were heard from his house.

Turner met with police without clothes and demanded that they leave. He refused to dress up, clutched at his penis and shook them in the air and shouted that he would stab the guards. Naked man still detained and brought to the police station. In the chamber, he again abandoned clothes, not defiantly, went to the toilet and peed on the floor.

At trial, Turner pleaded guilty to a disturbance in a public place, the violation of the order in custody and resisting police. His lawyer explained the behavior of the defendant that the alcohol was strengthened by the action of pain medication, which he took because of the injury of the neck.

The court decided to fine the Turner 1.5 thousand Australian dollars (about 67 thousand).

In 2017, it was reported that the goalkeeper of the football team Fortuna düsseldorf Raphael wolf hit the ball penis in the match of the 10th round of the second Bundesliga with the “Arminian”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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