Olympic athletes from the US dyed her hair pink


Photo: Lucas Jackson / Reuters

American skier Kikkan Randall (Kikkan Randall) going to the Olympics with pink hair, reports the New York Post.

In the process of preparation for the Games in Pyeongchang athlete dyed strands of his blond hair in a bright pink color. She is sure that it will give her energy and allow you to show a good result. “This is my way to show my strength athletes and my femininity and attractiveness,” said Randall. The current Olympics will be her fifth.

Her colleague on the U.S. Olympic team Chloe Kim (Chloe Kim), who speaks in a halfpipe, will also go to Korea with painted in pink hair. In turn, American skeleton racer Katie Olander (Katie Uhlaender) dyes her hair in red, which has become her trademark.

In January 2018, the experts of the American beauty shop Salon Ross Michales suggested that women with blond hair a new shade called Opal Hair. This is a very light tone with shimmering pastel shades reminiscent of the colors of natural stone-opal. According to stylists, it will replace the caramel tones and colors “unicorn” (light blonde hair with bright strands), which were popular in 2017. The shade suitable for blondes or gray.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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