Pycnometry the model told about rape


Maria Jimenez, Pacificate: @mariajimenez_official

Famous plus-size model from Colombia Maria Jimenez Pacifico (Pacifico Maria Jimenez) told me about how raped twice. This was reported by newspaper the Independent.

About the incident the girl reported in a January interview with the newspaper El Espectador, but the story became popular only now, thanks to a post in her Instagram. Its publication attracted the attention of the press worldwide.

According to the model, the first time she was raped by “so called friend” when she was only 15 years old. “He invited me to a party at his home. We had a drink and he offered me his escort. He said he wants to take care of me, but instead was pushed into a garden and raped her,” said Pacifico.

At 22, the stranger slipped her something in the drink, was taken to his home and repeatedly raped. The model went to the police, but due to the fact that the accused suffered memory loss after the accident, he was able to avoid punishment.

For a long time she thought she was to blame. The recent flash mob meToo, in which women around the world shared their stories about their experiences of violence, helped her realize that it is not. The model spoke about her accident, to give courage to other victims of violence who are hesitant to talk about what happened and blame myself.

Maria Jimenez Pacifico — Colombian first plus-size model. She works with such brands as Dorothy Perkins, Zara, and Lindex.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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