Russian grenade will teach you to observe


Photo: Vitaly Kuzmin

Ammunition for the grenade launcher “Balkan”, designed for video surveillance and electronic warfare (EW), can create in Russia. This was announced by Director General of scientific production Association “Pribor” Yuri Nabokov in an interview with TASS.

“We plan to develop a number of special grenades, in which is embedded the electronics. The form in which it is embedded — do not speak”, — he said.

According to Nabokov, the range of special ammunition for the grenade launcher is quite wide. There are smoke shells, grenades, grenades for video surveillance and electronic warfare. He also said that Russia is working on a EW ammunition and projectiles, able to determine the location and detonation time.

“We are on the subject are thinking, developed on the level of scientific and technological potential of the so-called intelligent ammunition that will determine, it should be undermined or should not where it needs to be done and how,” said Nabokov.

As the head of the NGO, the company created a division that deals exclusively with electronics and unconventional ammunition. He noted that the creation of the shells of the new generation is in the strategy of small-calibre ammunition up to 2030.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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