Suffering from constipation British schoolboy drank a laxative and died


Photo: Toby Melville / Reuters

A British teenager died a day after he was given a laxative in the hospital. About the incident reported by the newspaper the Daily Mail.

Jack Dunn (Jack Dunn) went to a therapist complaining of severe abdominal pain. He sent him to the hospital with suspected appendicitis. However, the doctors did an ultrasound of the bladder, decided that the teenager that just suffers from constipation, they gave him a laxative and sent home. The next night the father found the teen dead in his own bed.

The father of the deceased said that before going to the doctor 17-year-old schoolboy suffered any diseases. “He went because he was in pain. The ultrasound showed nothing. The doctor was clearly puzzled, and said Jack has a very strong constipation”, — he said. According to him, during the inspection, the teenager also began to choke, but the doctor explained that stress.

The autopsy showed that the cause of death of a teenager was ketoacidosis, in turn caused by severe constipation and the fact that Dunn did not eat anything. According to the father, the young man could have saved the injection of glucose and saline. The police refused to prosecute, as a teenager died of “natural causes”. The hospital did not give any comments about it.

Ketoacidosis — a set of symptoms caused by increased ketone bodies in the blood. Most often caused by diabetes, but sometimes the disease can trigger improper eating behavior.

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