Tarantino revealed the truth about the strangulation and harassment to Uma Thurman


Quentin Tarantino and Uma, Tormentato: Regis Duvignau / Reuters

Director Quentin Tarantino admitted that he was aware of the harassment, the producer Harvey Weinstein in relation to actress Uma Thurman. The filmmaker revealed the details of the incident, his words leads portal Vulture on Tuesday, February 6.

According to Tarantino, Thurman complained his action by Weinstein, and he immediately asked the producer to apologize to the actress. “When he tried to wriggle out by telling how things really happened, I wasn’t buying his story. I told him: “I don’t believe you. I believe her. And if you want to remove the “Kill bill”, then you need to play by the rules”,” recalled the Director.

Tarantino also confirmed media reports that during the filming of “Kill bill” was spitting on the actress and strangled her with a chain. He noted that he did it with the consent of Thurman for important scenes.

In addition, the Director commented on the recent leaked video from the set of “Kill bill” in which Thurman on the convertible crashed into a tree. The actress claimed to have claimed to use in the stunt scene, but Tarantino allegedly assured her that she was safe. The filmmaker acknowledged that the threat under which he put the life of Thurman — “one of the biggest mistakes in his life.”

Earlier in February, Uma Thurman gave a big interview in which has told about how Vistan “tried to jump on it, to show the genitals and do many other unpleasant things.” She also described her rape by a actor at the age of 16.

“Kill bill” — dilogy Tarantino with Thurman in the lead role. The first part was published in 2003, second in 2004. The producer of the tape was made by Weinstein.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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