The biohacking publicly took off his pants and made myself a homemade injection



CEO Ascendance Biomedical Trivic Aaron (Aaron Traywick) in the presence of colleagues made a homemade injection of a vaccine against herpes. As reported by portal Gizmodo, it happened on the stage of the conference on biohacking in Austin.

Entered the drug never tested on humans. By his own admission Tribeca, earlier it was used only on mice. He decided to become the first person who publicly tried the drug on themselves.

According to the Creator of the vaccine, the concentration of active substances in it is “crazy”. This statement led the audience in shock. Questions about how did the drug test by the ethics Committee, the CEO of the company replied in the negative.

The company Ascendance Biomedical has a mixed reputation in professional circles. Following the trend of biohacking, she has unconventional views on medicine. For example, the entered Travicom vaccine was synthesized from unknown drugs in a makeshift lab by some “experts” who have no professional education. One of them is Austrian Andreas Stuermer (Andreas Stuermer) — suggests that if the herpes virus in the body is fixed on the surface of protein molecules, for effective treatment it is only necessary to eliminate from it the protein.

This is not the first attempt to draw the community’s attention on its radical development of therapeutic substances. In October last year with the support of Ascendance Biomedical hosted the video on Facebook, where participants were injected with an identical vaccine. Such shares, the company plans to promote its products to bypass the official confirmation of the effectiveness of the medication.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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