The bitcoin exchange rate went into a tailspin


Photo: Kiichiro Sato / AP

Course the world’s most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin has slipped to three-month low. This is evidenced by Coindesk.

As of 9:30 GMT bitcoin is trading at 6148,66 dollar per coin, which is 11.07 percent lower than a day ago.

2 Feb biggest US banks — Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase — took the decision to ban the purchase of bitcoins and other digital currencies using credit cards. February 4, a similar measure adopted by Lloyds Banking Group.

29 Jan brokerage company “Finam” invited clients to participate in trades in futures contracts on bitcoin. Organizer of the trading — Chicago Board options exchange (CBOE). “In the near future will be available for trading on the exchange the CME (Chicago Mercantile exchange — primas’. «») is the largest North American derivatives trading”, — stated in the message.

For 2017, the bitcoin price increased by 1,300 percent to $ 20,000 per unit to Dec. In January, bitcoin has lost almost two-thirds of this cost.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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