The flight attendant forgot and took a selfie on a stolen cell phone of a passenger


Photo: @BobbyJohnson89_

Flight attendant American Airlines took a selfie on the forgotten one of the passengers phone instead to return it to the owner. Photo appeared in the iCloud storage a few days after the loss of smartphone. It is reported by The Sun.

On arrival one of the passengers discovered that he had forgotten on the plane mobile phone. Representatives of the airlines asked the woman to leave the plane and assured that you will find the gadget and give it to her. The girl was waiting in the airport, while employees will be visiting the salon, however, after some time she was told that nothing was found. A few days in the cloud phone selfie appeared one of the flight attendants.

Friend lost his phone of a passenger wrote about the incident in his Twitter. On record have responded representatives of American Airlines: they asked the man to indicate filled him whether his girlfriend act about the loss. After receiving an affirmative answer, the carrier offered the girl to come to the office to clarify.

According to the airline, the owner of the phone still has not arrived to them and didn’t call back.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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