The number of complaints of odor in the area of the polygon “Kuchino” declined significantly


Photo: Mikhail Voskresensky / RIA Novosti

The number of complaints of odor from residents of Balashikha near Moscow has decreased by more than 15 times after the establishment of gas flaring on recultivated waste landfill “Kuchino”. This was announced by the head of Moscow Sergey Yurov on Tuesday, February 6, reports TASS.

“In November and December, there were roughly three thousand complaints a month. In January to us just turned 190 residents,” he said. Yurov stressed that the peak of appeals came on a day when the combustion system of the gas was stopped for technical reasons.

First Deputy Minister of ecology of Moscow region Pavel Kirillov said that in late February-early March around the perimeter of the polygon will establish a system of monitoring of the air condition. He also proposed to publish the results of monitoring publicly available.

“It would be right to deduce this data on the website of the city district of Balashikha, where everyone will be able to control the air condition in real time,” — said Kirillov.

The solid waste landfill “Kuchino” closed 23 June last year complaints of inhabitants of Balashikha, voiced on the “Straight line” with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Reclamation of the area is planned to begin in March 2018, it should be completed next year.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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