The owner of Thai cafe was threatened with jail for half-naked waitress in advertising


Photo: page Krua Sahapat-Laem Chabang in Facebook

The owner of the cafe, which opened in Thailand’s Chonburi, threatened with imprisonment for publishing videos and photographs, in which the school advertises Topless waitress. This publication reports The Sun.

In advertising the café, which opened in late January, featured a model wearing a single apron on the naked body. The photographs, which the owner did himself, half-naked woman gives visitors the drinks. In the video, she said that coffee is good because it has a lot of milk, then with a hint glances at his chest.

Advertising attracted the attention of law enforcement. The cafe owner was accused of distributing obscene material. If convicted, he will be imprisonment for a term of three to five years. In addition, he can be fined 100 thousand baht (180 thousand rubles).

According to the cafe owner, he believed that not breaking the law, since the model was not fully exposed. The girl herself claims that were filmed for free. “I made it out of the kindness of heart to help cafes, she says. — A new institution, there are no visitors, so I just wanted to help.”

In 2017, it was reported that the government of Cambodia has banned actress Danny Kwan to star in a movie because of the sexual way of dressing.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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