Trump has not kopavshih he suspected Democrats of treason


Donald Truephoto: Andrew Harrer / Getty Images

The President of the United States Donald trump accused the Democratic party of treason and “anti-American behavior.” On Tuesday, February 6, reports The Hill.

The reason for such conclusions the American leader was the fact that the Democrats are not too readily applauded him during the annual message to the Congress. He after the speech, clapped myself in a total of six minutes.

According to the President, the Democrats are more eager to “trump things went bad than the country — well.” “It’s very selfish. They came from the negative (…). They acted UN-American. Someone said treason? I don’t know. Why not” — he said.

The American leader added that it could call such behavior treason. “At least, they didn’t exactly demonstrate great love for our country,” concluded trump.

Democratic Senator from Oregon Jeff Merk (Jeff Merkley) wrote in response in his microblog that the right not to applaud the ideas with which you disagree, is called the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution. She, in particular, guarantees freedom of speech, religion, Assembly and conversion of the people to the government with petitions.

The treatment is “state of the Union” (State of the Union address) — the annual message of the President of the United States Congress in which he sets out his assessment of the situation in the country and describes the forthcoming legislative initiatives. The message of the trump in January lasted 80 minutes and was the longest for the last 18 years. The head of state, in particular, spoke about the changes in immigration laws and projects of large-scale investments in infrastructure.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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