Briton filmed “attack of the clones” in the subway


Photo: thrashbandit / Reddit

The network is gaining popularity of the photograph, which the user has captured three very similar in appearance subway passengers in a single shot. Besides the obvious similarities, all the characters sleeping in their seats.

The image appeared on the popular imageborder Reddit. “These three random men on the pictures look like the same person”, — commented on his entry user under the name thrashbandit. In less than a day the post has collected nearly 123 thousand “pros”. The author of the post said that the picture was taken in London.

Commentators immediately said that nothing terrible has happened: just “happened to be a glitch in the matrix”. Also, the users compared the three men with a non-player characters in video games (NPC).

“Another ordinary day in “the Truman Show”,” — joked the user.

Emigrate recently gained popularity a photograph of the boy who was staring at their smartphone during a performance of Justin Timberlake at Superbowl. The picture instantly became a meme: users have begun to offer a more playful, why the child ignored the representation of the idol of millions of people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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