Crayfish mutants recognized icons of feminism


Photo: Fredrik von Erichsen / DPA /

Supporters of the feminist movement reacted to the research of the German scholar Frank Liko (Frank Lyko), who studied a population of females marble crayfish.

In the article The New York Times was explained that this species of crayfish is unique: all its representatives are asexual females, able to reproduce through parthenogenesis. The species was first discovered in the German market in 1990-h years: then he was popular with aquarium fans. Previously, scientists believed females of a subspecies of marble cancer, but later gave them a separate name Procambarus virginalis.

A species of crayfish is female, not needing men for reproduction, have delighted feminists.

“Cancers of mountability still give me hope,” wrote the lady Twitter under the nickname @grapecranberry. “When the same people do??? Men — trash” — has joined other feminist.

“Girls, we need to understand how these cancers did. Women, unite. Yet, men,” said another activist.

Feminists began to vigorously discuss how the “army independent cancers” will be able to resist to men in real life. Many acknowledged marble crayfish “icons of contemporary feminism.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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