Fat pigeon named Alisher forced to lose weight


Photo: Igor Podgorny / RIA Novosti

In Novosibirsk the rescued pigeon named Alisher was put on a strict diet. According to the NGS portal.NEWS, the bird is obese.

Alisher is the name of the female dove — last year picked up a chick one of the residents of the city. However the girl are unable to choose the right diet for poultry, and the fat. In early February, she decided to let go of a pet into the wild and turned to help Center the wild animals “Hostales” for advice.

Ornithologists of the center noted that Alisher due to improper diet developed liver disease and obesity. “Dove fat — this problem arose due to improper feeding. Even experienced people to feed the bird is very difficult, so it’s not scary. Obesity is not critical, but it is. Diet will be a simple proper food”, — said the employee of the center, Juliana baksheeva.

According to her, the animal also developed rickets, but they won’t treat him, as it does not interfere with survival. To cure Alisher and prepare her for life in the wild, it is isolated from people. If she is wild, then let her go to live on their own, and if not, will pass to the dovecote or find her a new owner.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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