“Giant bonemonster” said Syria


Photo: @QalaatAlMudiq

Syrian government troops deployed armored bulldozer in the fighting near Damascus. On machine photos posted on Twitter, drew attention to the “Bulletin of Mordovia”.

As specifies the edition, the bulldozer had to clear the way for tanks T-72M1 at the onset of the Syrian army. However, judging by the pictures, to do the job the car failed. It is noted that it could get stuck on impassable terrain due to too much weight. The user who posted the pictures, explained in the captions that the bulldozer was shot down by militants.

The Syrian military due to the lack of engineering machinery obstacle clearing are compelled to adapt to fit your needs conventional construction equipment. To protect the bulldozers set lattice of anti shaped-charge screens that allow you to protect vehicles from rocket-propelled grenades. However, this upgrade substantially increases weight of cars, bringing their speed and maneuverability are significantly reduced.

According to military experts, the Russian IMR-2 would show a much greater efficiency in such conditions.

Earlier in February, it was reported that the Syrian army during the offensive in the Damascus province has lost a rare version of the bridge tank. The vehicle was a hybrid chassis of an old vehicle-launched bridge MTU-20 with a pull-out from the more modern bridge MTU-72. It was noted that this is not the first car that lost government troops in the area.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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