Love the alimony three times tried to escape from the Ukraine to new Crimean wife


Photo: Vladislav Sodel / “Kommersant»

Russian border guards for the third time detained a resident of Kherson region of Ukraine for the illegal crossing of the state border. About it RIA Novosti was informed in the border guard of the FSB in the Crimea.

Nicholas Markanich tried to get to the Peninsula, but it was caught, fined and expelled to Ukraine.

“The main reason is the irresistible desire to leave their homeland and to leave the Crimea was the fact that the man was malicious defaulters of the alimony, so officially through the Ukrainian checkpoints leaving the country it was closed. The other reason was that near Armyansk lived with his new common-law wife, each trip which turned into a real test,” — said the border guard.

Mikanic, could not come to Russia officially for his passport, so he, on the advice of a friend share a bottle of vodka from his friend’s birth certificate. Then, by paying to the employee of the passport office 600 hryvnia, has received a new document in a false name.

“Thanks to the prompt information received by the Russian border guards, the offender was detained for the third time,” — said the Agency.

In respect of the Ukrainian criminal case on illegal crossing of the state border, he was taken into custody.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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