Mexican YouTube celebrity has become a victim of the drug cartel


Pamela del Montenegro Realchat: El Sillon TV / YouTube

Mexican videobloggers Montenegro Pamela del real, more commonly known online under the pseudonym Nana Pelucas, murdered in his own restaurant in Acapulco. This publication reports The Daily Mail.

The Mexican was a personal YouTube channel where she posted interviews with government officials, as well as thoughts about the political situation in the country. Police have not yet named the main motives of the killers, but local media reported that blogersha avenged posts on social networks.

In turn, Prosecutor Xavier Olea said that the woman revealed secret information about the drug cartels in several commercials, writes 9News. Earlier Montenegro was accused of collaboration with the Mexican government. Also blogersha suspected anonymous denunciations to address alleged members of criminal gangs, which fought for control of Acapulco.

In early February, police discovered the body of a very popular Russian blogger Michael Chiriac, who post videos under the name The Natakorn. According to his wife, the young man died from stab wounds.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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