Office workers will put on blinders


Photo: Hannes Grebin / /YouTube

Designer Henner Grebin came up with a headdress in the form of a visor, the principle of which is similar to horse blinders, reports the Metro.

Model FocusCap designed for office workers who want to concentrate on the computer work and to minimize the impact of distractions on peripheral vision. Also wear “blinders” for comfortable reading or watching movies on your mobile gadget in a noisy room.

“We are not much different from the cave man or mammal placed in an unnatural environment, explained Grebin the importance of his invention. — I believe that only a dip in the calm, stress-free environment using simple tools and methods will allow people to finally unleash your creativity and enable productive work.”

In February 2018, the German designer Sandra Salz (Sandra Seilz) from Oberhausen, which survived the attack of a rapist and escaped, offered women a innovative form-fitting athletic shorts cut, protecting from rape. Safe Shorts sewn from durable material and ties at the waist fastened with a coded lock. When you try to pull the shorts the sound sensor: loud sound scares away attacker.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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