Omsk prisoners blinded from the snow “Topol-M” in full size


Photo: Federal penal service of Russia in the Omsk region

In the Omsk region, the inmates of the penal colony № 6 blinded from the snow mobile launcher missiles “Topol-M”, according to the website of the regional Department of the Federal penitentiary service.

Snow sculpture for 15 days erected seven prisoners.

“All the details “Topol-M” made as detailed as possible, dimensions are only slightly inferior to the original: 13.5 meters long, 3.5 meters wide and more than 2.5 meters in height,” — said the Agency. Body, wheels and Windows of the tractor are painted for greater similarity with the original. The installation is also decorated with the Russian tricolor.

In 2017, the decoration of the parade ground to the same penal colony was snow, “Aurora”, built for the centenary of the revolution.

In December last year it was reported that the Omsk prisoners learned to sew playgrounds and houses for Pets. In the opinion of management of the correctional facility, these products are demanded in the market.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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