Pornhub destroyed pornorolikov with Hollywood stars


Photo: Danish Siddiqui / Reuters

The leadership of the world’s largest pornocasting decided to get rid of the fake videos with celebrities. It is reported by the Motherboard.

Representatives of the platform said that fake pornorolikov produced and published without the consent of the “participants” videos. “We do not allow such content on the site, and we remove such videos as soon as we know about them,” — said the press Secretary of the company. He also equated the fake videos to pornobusty, which is banned on Pornhub.

This position adheres to and the Twitter. The administration of the social network is going to block accounts that post screenshots or links to fake pornorolikov with famous girls.

Previously from the posting of such videos already refused one of the largest GIF-Gfycat services. Representatives of the website have removed all questionable content.

Fake pornorolikov widespread network by users of imageboard Reddit. One of them posted in the open access program to create a fake video. As a result, users were able to create such content yourself.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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