Racism trump denied her friendship with the black rappers


Donald trump and Kanye, Wetfoto: John Taggart / DPA / Globallookpress.com

The US President’s son Donald trump, Jr. stated that his father could not be accused of racism, as previously he spent a lot of time in the company of black rappers. He told this in an interview with the conservative publication The Daily Caller.

“He was in front of me all my life. I saw what he was doing. You know, it’s amazing all these rappers, all his friends-African Americans, from Jesse Jackson to al Sharpton (the leaders of the movement for the rights of blacks — primas’. «Tapes.ru»). I have photos of them together”, — he explained.

Trump Jr. said that the problem really exists, but if racism is the answer to any argument, winning an argument is impossible. Such accusations only “adversely affect the situation in which people do suffer discrimination,” said the President’s son.

According to The Independent, informed trump photographed with some famous black rappers ja the Rule, Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and Lil John.

The President of the United States in recent times was accused of racism after he called Haiti and the African countries “shit holes” during the discussion of the problems of migrants in the United States. The Committee on human rights, the United Nations did not consider his statement racist and xenophobic.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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