Russian authorities checked for the ability to find a common language with the elite


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Acting governors appointed in the autumn of 2017, successfully integrate and in most cases are not in conflict with the local elites. On Wednesday, 7 February, reports TASS citing a report of the Expert Institute of social studies (AISI) “the Second wave of updates to the composition of heads of subjects of the Russian Federation-2017: first results. Regional features and highlights”.

The researchers note that the primary efforts of the new appointees are not political, and socio-economic agenda. Due to this the inhabitants, in large measure, note the positive changes that have occurred over the past six months, the report said. Experts analyzed the activities of the acting heads of the 11 regions: Samara (Dmitry Azarov), Nizhny Novgorod (Gleb Nikitin), Orel (Andrey Klychkov), Novosibirsk (Andrey Travnikov), Omsk (Alexander Burke), Ivanovo (Stanislav Voskresensky), Pskov (Mikhail Vedernikov) regions, Republic of Dagestan, Russia (Vladimir Vasiliev), seaside (Andrey Tarasenko) and Krasnoyarsk (Alexander USS) edges, Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Alexander Cybulski).

In General, the findings of the study the authors point out that “most of the acting heads of regions successfully, without conflict and radical changes, “landed” in the region starting to work with local teams”, but the exception in this respect were the regions in which “in front of the heads is the task of eradicating local corruption and weaknesses of past teams.” Nine of the 11 acting have concentrated on expanding minimal structural changes, the maximum drawing on local talent.

The report also provides the results of surveys conducted on different aspects of the situation in the regions by the Fund “Public opinion” (FOM) and the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM). So, in the three acting, which, in the opinion of the inhabitants, well aware of the problems of their regions, entered Azarov (81 percent), USS (79 percent) and Vasiliev (74 per cent), the lowest awareness of the respondents said Klychkov (45 percent), the report said.

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