Silent cook from China, has gained international fame


On YouTube gaining popularity Chinese channel called “Seven plums” (李子柒). Heroine movies — young girl silently handles cases under the soothing music, according to Mashable.

All published 34 roller on domestic Affairs, but Chinese does not use modern technology and electric devices. For example, she sewed a dress using a vintage sewing machine with pedal. The heroine of the video creates the paper, the makeup of colors and even a natural dye dresses, and lots of prepping.

Fans of the blogger assume that she lives in the deep province. Soothing videos gather more than a hundred thousand views each, despite the fact that neither the records themselves nor in the comments, there are no instructions, so users can repeat her recipes on their own.

The author of the blog is also popular in the Chinese social network Weibo: signed up more than a million people. The YouTube channel she started
only in August 2017. During this time, her videos looked almost 6.5 million times.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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